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Louise Calvento is an animator/ illustrator that specializes in children's art. She has illustrated two children's book series for the Toddler Development company, WavHello. The Children's book series includes: "The Winks series", and "Hello Little One series". She has also worked as a children's book illustrator for the charming book called, "The Boy Who Owned a Candy Store", written by Jesse Orenshein. Aside from illustrating, she has worked on a Sony/mitu  animation short called "Grandpa's Wheelchair." And did the animation loading page for Chinese app game called "Foodie Pig's Big Adventure." Upon her journey as an children's art artist, it became her life mission to spread smiles around the world with one artwork at a time.

When she is not doing art, she can probably be found somewhere crying next to a claw machine, because IT WONT LET HER WIN THE ADORABLE UNICORN! Sorry, she thought she was over it…

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